All photography by Bernard Henry Manning

When we belong to ourselves, we’re equipped to claim belonging in our world.


Our Joy Is Our Compass

I believe following our joy reminds us of who we innately are. Lying on a blanket in the sun, holding the hand of someone you love, singing by yourself in your car – it’s the things that feel good, fill us up, and bring a smile or tear in recognition of life that reconnect us to our ourselves and ultimately to each other.


The Body connects us with truth

I believe the body is a source of profound wisdom. While our mind can talk us in or out of many different “realities,” the body never lies. When we connect to it and honor what it knows, we can navigate our world with more clarity and confidence.


Remembering our place in the Collective Helps Us Thrive

I believe we thrive when we feel that we are part of a collective. In today’s society, even with more technologies that could connect us, the opposite is true. Many of us are left searching for meaning and feeling adrift and alone. We can find each  by utilizing tools rooted in ancient wisdom that are designed to foster deep connections within ourselves and to our world.

Play can dismantle systems of oppression

I believe that play creates opportunities to step outside of the social structures we’ve all learned to conform to. In play, no one is right, no one is wrong and (if you play with me) no one is in charge. We can relax, open and touch something deeper.


You Inherently Belong

I believe your presence on this planet is not a mistake. You have a gift; you have a message that only you can deliver, and this message will be of benefit to others. Because our society draws hierarchical lines based on race, class, sexuality, body size and more, too many of us have been silenced as we struggle to figure out where we fit in. We can confront the societal forces determined to silence those who differ from the perceived ideal by realizing for ourselves our own fundamental worthiness.


We can create a world of belonging

I believe we can create a world of belonging. When we radiate unconditional confidence by connecting with our wholeness we empower others to do the same. It is then that our dream of a fairer and more inclusive society can become a reality. Do you want to create this world with me?