When It's All Undone

This morning when I woke I felt small in my bed. I felt a weight sitting on my chest that made it hard to breathe. The mornings have been like this lately.

I tried to meditate but was distracted by the discomfort in my body – anxiety, fear, insignificance. My mind danced with images. I saw a white, round table with a sleek base that curved to the floor like a swan’s neck. The table was set with place settings in various shades of blue. In the middle sat a vase filled with yellow sunflowers. When I stood back from this table, I felt a sense of pride. It was lovely, so inviting.

Then I saw a sturdy forearm move across my well-set table. All the beautiful blue plates and bowls, my vase filled with sunny flowers fell and shattered on the ground. I watched, dismayed. In front of me now was an empty white table.

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