De/Constructing Power: An Embodiment Untensive
October 20 & 21



In a society that distrusts difference and draws hierarchical lines based on race, class, gender identity and sexuality, connecting to the wisdom of body is a revolutionary act. We’ve been told logic is more valuable than feeling; that we must quiet aspects of our bodies to get ahead -- to survive.

Our bodies contain a fullness that is inherently resistant to power paradigms shaped by white supremacy and patriarchy. The body knows through feeling. It guides non-linearly. It’s wisdom comes as a patient unfolding. It’s continually informed by the environment and the heartbeat of the collective. We are designed to integrate the knowings of the body with our logical awareness to build healthy lives and weave equitable societies, yet a clear imbalance exists.

The wisdom of the body has been systematically stripped from us. Calculated acts fueled by an incessant hunger for money and power have created a collective amnesia about who we really are. In this Untensive, we’ll use the tools of InterPlay, a 20-year-old system centered on the birthright practices of movement, storytelling and song, to reclaim the pieces of ourselves that have been lost. Our work is to re-member or put back on the fullness of our shared humanity.

When we reconnect to and trust the wisdom of our own body, we begin to feel and attend to the wisdom of the group body. We see ourselves as part of a moving, breathing, vibrant collective. This kind of knowing is the intelligence that’s needed for creating the more fair, just and inclusive society we long for.


So often, leadership training is code for a particular kind of intellectualized, white, cisgendered gathering that requires deep pockets to be able to attend. This is not that kind of training. While we invite all bodies to participate, special care will be taken to protect space for POC and LGBTQ2SIA+ participants.


Come away from this workshop with practices for:
*Connecting to the wisdom of your body
*Building capacity for transformational interpersonal relationships
*Surfacing the emergent wisdom of a group body
*Communicating with more openness and authenticity
*Releasing physical stress and anxiety


In an effort to create a good business model for this program AND making the fees accessible to many people we have opened the registration for this program with a sliding scale of $0-$350.
The suggested donation per person is $275