Photography by Bernard Henry Manning


When we reconnect to and trust the wisdom of our own body,
we begin to feel and attend to the wisdom of the group body.
We see ourselves as part of a moving, breathing, vibrant collective.
This kind of knowing is the intelligence that’s needed
for creating the more fair, just and inclusive society we long for.


Intro To InterPlay for Artists Activists and Dabblers
Monday Nights, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Next Series Starts in May 2019
InterPlayce: 2273 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Taste the sweetness of being together in play and vision. We use the birthright practices of movement, storytelling and song as tools to hold us and guide us towards resilience and sustainability on our paths. This is a time for sharing, witnessing and receiving.
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Embodied StoryTelling: Part of One Half is Whole at Stanford University
Feb. 12, 2019
We we all have a story to tell that will be of benefit to ourselves and others. There’s the story we know, and the stories that have collected in our being passed down in the muscle and heartbeat of our ancestors. These stories want to be re-membered. They want to come through in our voice, movement and genuine expression. Surfacing these truths brings liberation, healing and social change.

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Embodied Leadership: A PoC Gathering
October 19
Spaces for only PoC are necessary. When we come together, there is a possibility of being heard by understanding ears. We can put down the burden of “taking care” and allow ourselves to take up space in the ways the feel the most nutritive towards our own resiliency. This gathering aims to be such a time.
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De/Constructing Power: An Embodiment Un-tensive
October 20 & October 21st
Our bodies contain a fullness that is inherently resistant to power paradigms shaped by white supremacy and patriarchy. The body knows through feeling. It guides non-linearly. It’s wisdom comes as a patient unfolding. It’s continually informed by the environment and the heartbeat of the collective. We are designed to integrate the knowings of the body with our logical awareness to build healthy lives and weave equitable societies.
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Cultivating Connect with the Inner Child
July 21
Join us to cultivate the connection with your inner child,
to allow him/her/them to come out and play, express, speak and be witnessed
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