I read numbers

That is, I understand the energy of numbers. I've been studying a practice called numerology for 8 years (gosh, has it been that long!) mostly because I'm astounded by how incredibly accurate it is. Because I understand numerology, I knew, for example, when a dear friend of mine was going to meet a significant romantic partner. I knew when another friend would finally get the job offer she'd been waiting for. Understanding numerology has helped me guide folks toward more fulfilling work, prepare them for unexpected moves and help them weather the storms of loss and not knowing.

I have a number, you have a number, our relationships have a number, our whole world is made up of numbers. I've found that when we understand what these numbers are telling us, it's quite helpful. In my own life, I knew the year before I lost my job and my grandmother died, that I was stepping into a year of letting go and transformation. It helped me priortize self-care, my meditation practice and being in community. I knew this was not a year for cultivating new things but rather surviving and going inward.  Knowing my numbers helped me do just that and helped to quell the voices of fear driven by uncertainty. The numbers don't tell us what is going to happen, and often there's really no sense in guessing, but they do to tell us what to prepare for. Here are some things your numbers can tell you:

  • Relationships. When will you meet a significant partner? What is the energetic vibration of your current relationship? What does this tell you about it's potential and challenges?

  • Career. What is the work you came to do that only you can do? What should be the focus of your career this year?

  • Home and Family. Are there moves on the horizon? What is the energy of your home? What can help support healthy familial relationships?

  • Health and Happiness. Where are you in your nine-year life cycle. Where should your energy be this year for health, happiness and abundance?

In the video above, I share why numerology has been so pivotal in my life.

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