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Come with your questions, the numbers have answers. Here are some things your numbers can help with:

  • Relationships. When will you meet a significant partner? What is the energetic vibration of your current relationship? What does this tell you about it's potential and challenges?

  • Career. What is the work you came to do that only you can do? What should be the focus of your career this year?

  • Home and Family. Are there moves on the horizon? What is the energy of your home? What can help support healthy familial relationshpis?

  • Health and Happiness. Where are you in your nine-year life cycle. Where should your energy be this year for health, happiness and abundance?

    I offer two types of readings

    Personal reading includes your numerology number, personal year and the number of your name. This will tell you about career, relationship and life path. This reading is $75.

    Relationship reading includes the above information as well as information as it relates to a key relationship in your life. To do this reading I will need the person’s birth date. This kind of reading will include your combined relationship number (the beauty and challenges of your relationship) as well as where their personal number and life cycle number. This reading is $100.

    I’m also open to offering readings using the sliding scale model or in trade. Please contact me directly to arrange. Thank you!

    After receiving payment, I will reach out within 2-business days to schedule our call.

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