Embodied Leadership: A POC Gathering
Oct. 19



Let us come together simply to be together
In our fullness
In our vibrancy
In our sadness and in our joy
Let us create the space we want
Where we can simply be

Spaces for only PoC are necessary. When we come together, there is a possibility of being heard by understanding ears. We can put down the burden of “taking care” and allow ourselves to take up space in the ways the feel the most nutritive towards our own resiliency. This gathering aims to be such a time.

As a person of color in today’s society, you are a leader. It matters not if you identify as such. The ills created and perpetuated by patriarchy and the fallacy of whiteness will be undone by those with an intrinsic knowing of the possibility of something different. As Audre Lorde has told us, “the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.” I believe color wisdom is one such tool for genuine change.

Let us empower each other with our voices, movement, stories and songs. Let us taste the sweetness of being together so that we may bring more of this fullness as we stand against the stream.

This gathering will be what we collectively decide to make it, and in that a respite from that many spaces and places that are structured to diminish our power.

During this time we will:

Share our stories
Move our bodies
Prioritize ease
Be witnessed
Allow our judgments
Explore body wisdom
Invite easy focus
Welcome color wisdom


In an effort to create a good business model for this program AND making the fees accessible to many people we have opened the registration for this program with a sliding scale of $0-$350.

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