You belong in your body, your body belongs in this world.


Yet, we live in societies that distrust difference and draw hierarchical lines based on race, class, gender identity and sexuality. We’ve been told that logic is more valuable than feeling; that we must quiet aspects of our bodies to get ahead -- to survive. When we connect to and follow the wisdom of the body, we’re engaging in a revolutionary act.

All photography by Bernard Henry Manning


Hi, I'm Kelsey

I offer embodiment practices as a pathway for addressing power and privilege. The isms are about bodies, yet so often the body is not part of these conversations. My work aims to discover how we can create a society where all truly feel a sense of belonging.

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The body communicates wisdom. While our mind can talk us in or out of many different “realities,” the body never lies. When we connect to the body and honor what it knows, we can navigate our world with more clarity and confidence.

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