The body can guide us toward how to live our lives with more confidence, connection and clarity, all we have to do is listen.


I call myself a Body Intellectual, but this is not a title that I aspire to uniquely hold. The more Body Intellectuals there are in the world, the more people to be in “conversation” with. My inspiration for doing this work is selfish, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’d like to live in a world of body-wise people.

Being a Body Intellectual means connecting to the wisdom of the body and trusting what’s revealed. It means remembering to move at the pace of the body even when it feels like you’re behind. It means prioritizing downtime, rest, playfulness and creativity. It means creating practices for ritual and healing. It means trusting your intuition. It means choosing to bring all of yourself into a room. It means knowing when and where that’s not possible and seeking spaces where all of you can belong.

What is an embodiment coach?

My work is to help people connect more fully with their whole selves. The body is not just a vehicle for transporting the head. It offers a wealth of information for helping us to arrive in the present moment. When we’re here, we have more choice and with that more freedom. In the troubled world in which we live, our body provides support for moving us towards health and resiliency. It’s a resource for helping us to do the work we came to do, be a part of a collective creating transformative change, find ground amid uncertainty, know when and how to rest and much more. As an embodiment coach, I offer mindfulness and embodiment practices for helping people to re-connect to and trust their body’s wisdom. We’ll move at the pace of your body which means the process is emergent and organic.

What will we do?

We’ll start our sessions by taking a few deep breaths together. Then there will be time for arriving, checking in and sharing. Sessions will gradually build on each other to help you become familiar with your body, its wisdom and how it communicates with you. Embodiment and mindfulness tools will be offered to help you go deeper at your pace. We’ll also use practices that invite creativity and play, which I believe are essential for easing the nervous system and inviting discovery. See more about my training here.

Where will we meet?

On Skype, Zoom, or if you live in the Bay area, we can meet in person at my office.

Who are my clients

  • PoC for whom it’s been reflected that they’re “not enough” or that they’re “too much” even within the marginalized groups that they identify with.

  • Analytical, logical types who thrive in that world but sometimes forget that they have a body.

  • People who’ve learned to disconnect from their body because it’s not a safe place to be due to its “difference.”

  • Artists, activists and dabblers doing meaningful work but also burning out.

  • People surviving the 9-to-5 world who long to come back in touch with play, improv, storytelling and their innate creative talents.

  • Kinesthetic learners seeking to deepen their embodiment practices.

  • Those for whom it’s been reflected that they’re simply “not smart.”

how much does it cost?

I’m offering my services following the pay (or trade) what you can gift economy model. The sliding scale cost is $75-$125.

You can trade your services or offer payment in the amount that feels right to you based on what you’re receiving.

”What is this worth to you? Are you in a position to help me continue giving? What would make you feel generous in a way that feels good - not too much, not too little?"